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Rummana and Mick’s wedding highlights

Newspaper journalists Rummana and Mick met at a party –  and their love story grew from there. The wedding was held at the bride’s home with nearly 80 friends and family in attendance for the traditional Muslim ceremony as well as a bounty of food and friendships.

But wait, there’s more! Their big party is later this summer with a guest list of nearly 600, so we are really looking forward to that event as well. Congratulations to Rummana and Mick, and thank you for trusting us to capture your perfect day : )

Rummana shows her earring as she prepares for her traditional Muslim wedding at home.

A hajib scarf is placed onto Rummana’s head during bridal prep. Afterwards she shows the henna decoration on her hands.

A flowing scarf is ready for placement on Rummana’s head and shoulders.

Mother of the bride has final makeup applied.

A curious child looks past the decorated staircase.

Two set of hands with henna decorations.

Mick arrives in a shower of rose petals.

The nikah/nikkah wedding ceremony begins with Rummana’s brother officiating.

The nikah/nikkah wedding ceremony continues as the groom meets the bride at the bottom of the staircase.

Rummana and Mick are fed ceremonial drink and food during their wedding ceremony.

Rummana’s sister reads a greeting and statement as part of the nikah/nikkah wedding ceremony.

Mick and Rummana kiss.

Food is plentiful, including lots of fruit, vegetables and of course, cupcakes : )

What wedding wouldn’t be complete without a selfie stick!

Rummana and Mick share a kiss near the end of the evening.

The happy couple now married : )

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